We supply brands that offer extensive product lines of vinyl, aluminum and steel siding and accessories, as well as stone. We have everything you need to create an exquisite home exterior. With handsomely crafted profiles, inviting colours and rich textures, we make your home a true reflection of your personal taste.

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Jermyn Lumber provides the rich beauty of natural wood that is maintenance free, at a price that is sure to please. Wood siding provides durability and high-quality finishes available in an impressive variety of colours that lend organic beauty and warmth to any architectural style for years to come. You can install horizontally or vertically, combine with shingles or even with other materials. Personalize your home with premium-quality natural wood siding and shingles available in a range of styles that can complement any architectural design.


Easy to install and made to last, Jermyn Lumber offers a wide range of brands with distinctive features. With a wide choice of profiles to match various architectural styles, plus the flexibility of combining different materials (vinyl, aluminum, steel), dent and scratch resistance, and no risk of damage caused by water, frost, insects and rot, vinyl is a great choice for your home exterior.

Duchesne offers a variety of colours, you can click here to see! Or, download their brochure to get more information and see colours available by brand.


The irregular surface details and chiseled textures of stone siding is an exceptionally efficient option that gives you the profile of intricately stacked natural stone in an easy-to-install panel form. There is no grouting or prolonged construction timelines required for the dry-stack profiles. Stone siding with a weathered edge is defined by long, linear pieces of varying heights and a distressed, aged surface. Each stone is shaped to ensure tight dry stack installation and gives moderate shadow relief, even when grouted. You can use stone in indoor and outdoor applications. It's affordable and manufactured in Ontario! Stone siding is maintenance free, water repellant, mould resistant and comes in at least eight beautiful colours.


With a beautiful finish, authentic wood-grain look and lasting durability, these products are unlike any others, with a distinguished look that can be personalized with your choice of colours. Built with an increased resistance to cracking, splitting, warping, splintering and buckling, you can count on CanExel lap siding – in rain, snow or shine. It’s been tested in seven extreme outdoor climates. This versatile plank siding can be installed vertically or diagonally to match the personality and architecture of your home. Be sure to check out CanExel's inspiration from nature, as they have added two beautiful new colours to their siding collection - Barnwood & Timberwolf.